Sustainability at voyageur 24

At Voyageur 24 we are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions and minimising the impact our operations and activities have on the environment 


Our strategy for reducing travel emissions focuses on reducing the number of journeys our employees make and ensuring we support best practices for sustainability, recycling, and minimal use of carbon-intensive products.

The Voyageur 24 team work remotely, reducing unnecessary daily journeys to and from the office. When the team meet collaboratively in person once a month, we encourage public transport and walking to our central Bristol office. We support both internal and client-facing teams with the use of technology-based alternatives that allow collaborative working from different locations.

Our office houses solar panels providing a renewable energy source for when employees are working from this building, reducing the CO2 emissions.  

Our travel policy encourages our team members to consider their need to travel, limiting unnecessary overseas trips where virtual meetings can take place. We use our internal systems to book travel so we can ensure best costs, risk management and shortest routes.

We’ve participated in the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme for many years. We have office buildings that encourage the use of cycling as a mode of transport with bike racks, showers and lockers to help facilitate our employees’ desire to use their bikes where possible.

Cycle to work

Solar Panels

Public Transport

Working from home

Reducing waste

We reduce our consumption of key waste items by adopting a paperless office environment. We have adopted the principles of the circular economy – first by reducing, then reusing and recycling. Recycling bins are provided for paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and ink cartridges. These hubs are on each floor of our building. When IT equipment comes to its end of life, we take advantage of initiatives to reuse or pass on rather than disposing of them.

We’ve significantly reduced our carbon emissions over the past few years and continue to strive to reduce more, we offset the remaining emissions produced through tree planting schemes.



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Managing our carbon emissions

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